As a Steinway owner, you appreciate the joy and musical inspiration that a Steinway piano brings you. And, your piano’s investment value is even more reason to preserve and protect it’s quality and performance.

The Steinway Singapore restoration centre was founded especially for those owners of grand and upright pianos who want to be sure that their instrument is in the hands of Steinway specialists. Specialists who have been working for Steinway & Sons for over 30 years and who are keeping the mission statement of Steinway founder Henry E. Steinway “to build the best piano possible” in their hearts.

This is why the Steinway Service Centre is such an invaluable resource for Steinway owners who treasure their pianos. Whether you cherished Steinway is in need of tuning, voicing, regulation, re-polishing, or requires replacement of the action or soundboard, we are prepared to be of service.

Only original Steinway spare parts are used to ensure that your Steinway will stay a genuine Steinway. Steinway grand and upright pianos are constructed and built to a quality which guarantees excellent sound and longevity over generations. Since the foundation of Steinway & Sons in 1853, the precious instruments are handcrafted with love to detail.

A Steinway is not only unique in its durability, but also in the increase of its value. Therefore, it is important to care for your Steinway. And it’s important who cares for your Steinway. Our service team will help you in all matters.

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