Our piano service centre offers tuning appointments in Singapore. Our piano servicing is not limited to Steinway pianos alone – we will undertake piano tuning and other forms of piano servicing on any make of piano.

All of our piano tuning technicians are Steinway-trained and tune regularly for rehearsals, concerts, recording sessions, festivals, churches, music colleges and in private homes. We are confident therefore that we can provide the best quality technicians to attend to both piano tuning and to the minor technical piano servicing work that your piano may require from time to time.



This refers to the regulation of the action of your piano. The mechanism that transmits the pressure of your finger on the key to the hammer which strikes the string is called the action. This is a very sensitive mechanism which needs regulating to maintain the proper relation of each part with the other. A tuning technician can undertake minor regulation work, such as individual sticking or stiff notes, at the time of tuning, again by prior arrangement.

Minor Technical Repairs

Our tuning technicians are also qualified to undertake minor technical repairs or maintenance such as broken strings, removal of foreign objects such as pencils from the action, minor toning or regulation work and internal cleaning. For major repairs and maintenance you should contact our Steinway Service Centre

String Breakages

If your piano has broken strings, please mention this when you book your piano tuning. The thin wire strings in the treble (the upper end) are easily replaceable. Our tuners carry reels of this wire in varying gauges with them. The copper-wound strings in the bass (the lower end) have to be specially made to order and will therefore take longer to replace. These are thicker and are less likely to break than those in the treble.


A lot of people can mistake the process of toning with tuning. The tonal quality of your grand or upright piano is down to the character of the felt that cover the hammers that strike the strings. With regular use of your piano felt becomes compressed hard and this causes the strings to cut into the surface. This causes the tonal quality to become quite harsh as a result. This problem can be resolved with an operation called voicing. Our tuners can undertake some voicing at the same time as tuning, by prior arrangement.


From time to time dust may build up inside your piano. You may also occasionally experience problems with pests such as moth or silverfish. Our technicians can advise you about this. We are happy to carry out the cleaning of the inside of your piano for you by prior arrangement. The process takes from approximately half to one hour.

Examinations for Valuation or for Repair

If you wish to have your piano valued for insurance or probate purposes we can send a tuner to carry out the examination. Please note that we are unable to advise you on the spot. The examination report is sent to our Service Centre who will then contact you in writing. If you would like a quote for major servicing work carried out to your Steinway piano, we can send a technician to fill out a report upon which our service centre will base their written quote to you for the work necessary. The charge for carrying out this examination will be refunded to you when the work goes ahead.

Contract Tunings

We operate a contract system whereby signing a contract for 2 or more tunings per year will gain you a discount on each piano tuning. We also offer a discount for tuning multiple pianos at one address and tuning package for other brand pianos. Please contact the service centre for further information about our prices and contract system.


Contact Information

Steinway Service Centre
(+65) 6838 0525/6355 9213 or Service@steinway-gallery.com.sg
All services are available to both Grand pianos and Upright pianos