Create the perfect environment for your Steinway to display its superb harmonics and tonal qualities. Our partnering Professional Acoustic Consultants will work with you in a coordinated effort to provide accurate and concise resolutions to controlling sounds of the everyday environment. Be it enhancing the acoustical environment or special rooms, minimizing noise pollution or improving auditory sound perception, Alpha Acoustics will strive to provide an optimum acoustic solution, tailored to your vision of the perfect piano space.

The typical process would first involve a meeting to understand your requirements and the Steinway you have selected.  This will be complemented with a site inspection to understand the current acoustic environment (or a review of the intended space if its currently under construction), after which our consultants will prepare a proposal on the appropriate treatment(s) which will bridge the gap between the current acoustic environment and the optimal acoustic environment for your Steinway.  Validation of the final acoustic environment is achieved objectively via acoustic measurements and a room data sheet with the acoustic parameters of your room will be presented for your reference. Our team can also prepare on request 3D Acoustic modelling of the spaces for detailed pattern of reverberation, echoes, focusing, absorption and sound scattering as well as presentation of sound files of auralized spaces (3D modelling) with various treatment options for exquisite acoustics, cost optimisation and architectural excellence.


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