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We have had the joy of sharing music from the homes of almost 100 young pianists from 5 to 17 years old during this circuit breaker period through the live stream format. An unprecedented feat for a piano competition. Even participants who are not able to be in Singapore due to travel restrictions were still able to participate because of this format.  

For those of us who are new to the Steinway Youth Piano Competition, this is the first time for Singapore and for Southeast Asia that an Amateur class is introduced to the competition. The Amateur Class is for students who enjoy playing the piano for leisure but wish to have a formal recognition of their progress in their musical journey. This is also, very possibly the first time, probably anywhere around the world, that a piano competition is held entirely live streamed.

So now, after weeks of technical runs behind the scenes, intense piano playing and joyous music making, Steinway Gallery Singapore are proud to annouce the winners of  the 5th Steinway Youth Piano Competition. 


Grand prize winner, Goh Kai Cheng, 12 year old who won first prize in the Professional Class of the competition will represent Singapore in the Regional Finals of the competition scheduled to be held later this year.  He will be joining seven other finalists from Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, who will compete to represent these Asian nations in the International Steinway Festival in Hamburg, Germany. The winner of the Regional Finals will have the honor of  representing Southeast Asia as a performer at the International Steinway Festival 2020 in Hamburg.


The First prize winners will take home a cash prize of $400 (for Cat 1), $600 (for Cat 2) and $800 (for Cat 3), with Trophy and a certificate of recognition.

From these 3 first prize winners, one will emerge as the Grand prize winner where he/she will proceed to The Regional Finals, where he or she will compete with the candidates from Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea, for the honor of representing these Asian nations as a performer at the International Steinway Festival 2020 in Hamburg, Germany.

The names of the winners are as follow :

Category 1

1st: Choi Duan li Danelle
2nd: Charissa Ooi
3rd: Sophie Keong Zhi Ling 

Category 2

1st: Goh Kai Cheng
2nd: Xu Ruojin
3rd: Titus Leong

Category 3

1st: Jarell Tang
2nd: Vivian Li
3rd: Ong Zi Rui


For each category of the Amateur class, 

The First Prize winner will have the opportunity to participate in  the International Steinway Festival in Hamburg, Germany, as an observer.

The Second Prize winner will take home a $200 Cash Prize & a Certificate of Recognition

The Third Prize winner will take home a $100 Cash Prize & a Certificate of Recognition

The names of the winners are as follow :

Category 1

1st: Yanlin Xiao
2nd: Zhao Zhao Emma
3rd: Alexis Vienna Peh Leng Hwee

Category 2

1st: Cerise Mah Rui Sze
2nd: Luther Ong Boon Khang
3rd: Tong Kaihan

Category 3

1st: Ayden Lee Ming En
2nd: Chen Jing
3rd: Tristen Yuwee Ng

Category 4

1st: Gao PeiYuan
2nd: Madeleine Giraudeau
3rd: Tan Jiok Fong Jaden

*All winners will be notified of the details of collection of trophy and certificate of participation through phone call/email.

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