4, 11 & 18 March 2020 - A Better Teacher Within You - Workshop for Piano Teachers | Steinway Gallery Singapore
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The Workshop series: ‘A Better Teacher Within You’, by trainer Dorothy Chia, and brought to you by Steinway Gallery Singapore is just the perfect workshop for you.

Who should attend?

  • Piano teachers who have taught for a long time but find that kids of this generation is totally different from kids from 5 years ago.
  • Piano teachers just starting out, who are great piano players but totally new to the scene of Piano teaching.
  • Piano teachers who wish to stay updated with fresh ideas to up their teaching skills.


4TH MARCH 2020 | 1030AM – 12PM  [CANCELLED]

  • Relationships are hard. People are complicated. But the essence of our piano teaching business lies in establishing good people relationships. Once we get parents and students on a good working relationship, the task of piano teaching can progress much more smoothly.
  • Communication is an art that all piano teachers can refine. Intercultural communication is increasingly important as piano teachers work with parents and students from other parts of the world. A greater understanding of the cultural differences between expatriate parents from China, Europe, India, Vietnam to name a few can really enhance the reach of our teaching market. With increasing use of digital communication such as WhatsApp and WeChat, we, as piano teachers also need to reboot our communication expertise across the virtual channels.

Key Takeaway:

  • You will have a better understanding of cultural differences in communication.
  • You will learn basic communication etiquette in writing emails, whatsapp/Sms, and real-time interpersonal communication.
  • You will learn to cope with students born in the digital age, by learning new digital ways of teaching old piano pedagogical skills such as note reading and teaching rhythm.




11TH MARCH 2020 | 1030AM – 12PM

Asians tend to be more conservative. One of the hardest aspect of piano teaching is to get our students to think of their music creatively and imaginatively. Let us explore how to enhance our students’ level of musicianship beyond churning out notes and repertoire. Through the exploration of Art, Poetry, Colours, can we train our brains to move away from the logical processing of music to the aesthetic processing of music?

Key Takeaway:

  • You will master strategies to draw out the creativity of your students.
  • You will learn to mix the various Art forms to engage your student’s imagination.




18TH MARCH 2020 | 1030AM – 12PM

As Singaporeans, we know the piano exam drill. Parents love it; Students endure it; and piano teachers execute it! Is there a way to understand and crack the piano exam algorithm? How can we help our students to score that elusive 1 or 2 extra points to give them an edge above the competition? Everyone can help the talented elite to score well, but can we do more to help the underdog win the piano exam race?

Key Takeaway:

  • You will be able to take your student’s current piano ‘playing’ to a new level of ‘performing’.
  • You will gain insights to making scales, sight reading and aural more appealing to the unmotivated student.
  • Through mock exams, you will better understand the psychology of the examination candidate and the psychology of the examiner and hence have better control over the exam preparation and outcome.


This programme will be highly interactive. Piano teachers will learn through peer-to-peer group discussion, role play, peer critic, hands-on activities. Don’t expect a dull moment. You will leave the classroom energized and recharged. Amaze your students and parents with FRESH teaching ideas!

Workshop Dates

Workshop Dates Time Cost
Relationship & Communication 4 March 2020 CANCELLED 1030 am – noon $25
Enhancing Musicianship 11 March 2020 1030 am – noon $25
Tackling Piano Exam 18 March 2020 1030 am – noon $25


$25 per session
Minimum 4 Students to form a class.


Steinway Gallery Singapore, 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #04-15A, Singapore 238801


“I think that the course was very well planned and structured. It was thorough, informative and very engaging. Thank you very much.”

“I learned so very much and look forward to implementing many of those ideas immediately.”

Course Trainer: Dorothy Chia 

About The Trainer

Principal Piano Teacher, Ms. Dorothy Chia, has taught piano for over 20 years in Singapore. With studios located at Potong Pasir, Woodlands and Seletar Hills, you can easily find a studio location that is closest to your home. Piano Lessons range from beginners to advanced Piano Diploma. Ms. Dorothy Chia obtained her Master of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the acclaimed University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is the 1992 winner of the prestigious DH Baldwin Fellowship and is currently the only Singaporean to hold this award. Ms. Dorothy Chia also specializes in coaching and mentoring piano teachers in Singapore. She is the author of Piano Pedagogy- The Questions and The Answers, a must-have workbook for teachers working on their viva voce component of the teaching exams, & Theory Explorer, a set of 2 theory books for music beginners aged 4-7.

Further Development:

Piano Teachers who are keen to continue the full course can thereafter sign up with Forte Music Training Specialist Trainer, Ms. Dorothy Chia

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