9th Jan - 6th March 2019: Piano Pedagogy For Young Piano Teachers | Steinway Gallery Singapore
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Piano Pedagogy Certificate is a great way for young, busy piano teachers just starting out on their piano teaching career to improve their teaching skills which can, in turn, translate to more students and more financial freedom.


Piano Pedagogy Certificate has been developed for:

  • Young piano teachers who wish to deepen and strengthen their knowledge on piano teaching.
  • Young piano teachers who wish to make a business career out of teaching piano.
  • Young piano teachers who are exploring credentials beyond grade 8.
  • Young piano teachers who wish to be mentored on various aspects of piano teaching. Eg. Interacting with parents, Student Centric teaching methods, curriculum development.

About Piano Pedagogy Certificate

Piano Pedagogy Certificate comes in 4 bite-sized 1-hour sessions but jam-packed with information!


  • Increase your professionalism and turn your passion in Music into a career.
  • Explore new strategies to impart Musical Knowledge to your students.
  • Further, develop your performance skills to be a more effective piano teacher.

Course Options:


Package 1: Teaching Skills

9th Jan 2019: Studio Policy
This segment helps individual teachers to craft up a solid studio policy to facilitate a smooth relationship between students, teacher, and parents.

16th Jan 2019: Teaching Philosophy
We will look at building a “mission statement” that anchors your piano teaching as you build a professional career.

23rd Jan 2019: Different Paths to Note Reading
A lot of teachers have found this to be the most insightful segment as it opens their eyes to the different methodology that note reading can be taught to students. It is time to throw out the middle C approach that was popular in the ’60s.

30th Jan 2019: Beginner Music Theory, using games and manipulatives
Greater clarity and fun can be injected into the teaching of Music Theory at the beginner level. 


Package 2: Personal Upgrading (13 & 20 Feb; Group 1) or (27 Feb & 6 March; Group 2) *repeated classes

Pedalling, Uplift the Soul of your Music Through Your Feet  11 am to 1 pm
An in-depth presentation on the pedagogy of piano pedalling. Teachers usually ‘go by feel’ how a piece ought to be pedalled but are not clear in the explanation of why the pedalling is executed in such a manner. This segment will lok at how you can teach your students how to pedal in a more systematic manner.

Technique 11am – 1pm 
We look at laying the foundation of technique through the use of finger exercises and studies

Course Dates



9th January 2019 (10am – 11am)
9th January 2019 (11am – 12pm)

16th January 2019 (10am – 11am)
16th January 2019 (11am – 12pm)

23rd January 2019 (10am – 11am)
23rd January 2019 (11am – 12pm)

30th January 2019 (10am – 11am)
30th January 2019 (11am – 12pm)



Package 2: PERSONAL UPGRADING (2 days course) 

13th & 20th February 2019 (GROUP 1) (10am- 12pm) 

27th February & 6th March 2019 (GROUP 2) (10am- 12pm) 


$25 per sessions/ teacher
Minimum 4 Students to form a class.


 $100 per package/ teacher 
For package purchase, please contact info@steinway-gallery.com.sg 


Steinway Gallery Singapore
2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard
#04-15A, Singapore 238801


Package 1: Teaching Skills

Package 2: Personal Upgrading



Principal Piano Teacher, Ms. Dorothy Chia, has taught piano for over 20 years in Singapore. With studios located at Potong Pasir, Woodlands and Seletar Hills, you can easily find a studio location that is closest to your home. Piano Lessons range from beginners to advanced Piano Diploma. Ms. Dorothy Chia obtained her Master of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the acclaimed University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is the 1992 winner of the prestigious DH Baldwin Fellowship and is currently the only Singaporean to hold this award. Ms. Dorothy Chia also specializes in coaching and mentoring piano teachers in Singapore. She is the author of Piano Pedagogy- The Questions and The Answers, a must-have workbook for teachers working on their viva voce component of the teaching exams, & Theory Explorer, a set of 2 theory books for music beginners aged 4-7.


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