11 March - 15 April: Piano Pedagogy Upgrading Workshops for Piano Teachers | Steinway Gallery Singapore
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Piano Pedagogy Workshops organised by Steinway Gallery is designed for busy piano teachers who are looking for opportunities to refine and improve their teaching skills. This opportunity for personal development will keep teachers updated with strategies such as implementing games, apps and technology resources to train their piano students to sharpen their aural and sightreading skills. A student who listens and sightreads well, will translate into better musicianship that can help them to ace through their piano exams, competitions and festivals. 



  1. Teaching Aural (grades 0-5, 6-8) I (FULLY BOOKED) 
  • Do you feel exasperated with students who cannot remember a 4-bar melody much less sing it back beyond the first 3 notes?
  • Are you at a loss with students who are clueless at listening to the bass line of a 2-part or 3-part melody?
  • Do you have students who randomly guess the answers to naming cadences and modulations?
  • Do you need some structure and guidelines to help your students to identify musical styles of the different periods?

If you have answered affirmatively to some of the above questions, this is the perfect workshop for you. Although aural tests form a subsidiary component of the piano exam, a student who listens well will, in turn, play well. This workshop will give you some structure at how you can approach the teaching of Aural at the higher grades.


2. Teaching Sightreading

  • Do you wait till the student is preparing for the graded exams to introduce sightreading?
  • How can Sightreading be introduced in a non-threatening manner to beginner students?
  • Do you have students who have skipped grades at the lower level and are now struggling with the sightreading component of their exam?
  • Does your student ‘type’ out one note at a time, giving you a shapeless tune that lacks musical detail?
  • Do you wish that you can have a system to work through the sightreading component of your student’s exam?

With students strapped for time, the bulk of the lesson time is spent on polishing exam pieces. However, the musician that every piano teacher wishes to develop, is the one that will continue to play music that is outside of the exam repertoire and eventually, outside of the piano lesson. Hence, setting a foundation for good sightreading skills is a must at a responsible piano studio. This workshop will look at sightreading at grades 0-5; 6-8; Diploma.

How You Benefit

  • Increase your professionalism and turn your passion in Music into a career.
  • Explore new strategies to impart Musical Knowledge to your students.
  • Further develop your pedagogy skills to be a more effective piano teacher.






Aural grade 6 (FULLY BOOKED) 

11 March

10 am – noon


Aural grade 7 (FULLY BOOKED) 

18 March

10 am – noon


Aural grade 8 (FULLY BOOKED) 

25 March

10 am – noon


Sightreading grades 0-5 

1 April

10 am – noon


Sightreading grades 6-8 

8 April

10 am – noon


Sightreading / Quick Study diploma

15 April

10 am – noon




$25 per session
Minimum 4 Students to form a class.


Steinway Gallery Singapore, 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #04-15A, Singapore 238801

Course Trainer: Dorothy Chia 


About The Trainer

Principal Piano Teacher, Ms. Dorothy Chia, has taught piano for over 20 years in Singapore. With studios located at Potong Pasir, Woodlands and Seletar Hills, you can easily find a studio location that is closest to your home. Piano Lessons range from beginners to advanced Piano Diploma. Ms. Dorothy Chia obtained her Master of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the acclaimed University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is the 1992 winner of the prestigious DH Baldwin Fellowship and is currently the only Singaporean to hold this award. Ms. Dorothy Chia also specializes in coaching and mentoring piano teachers in Singapore. She is the author of Piano Pedagogy- The Questions and The Answers, a must-have workbook for teachers working on their viva voce component of the teaching exams, & Theory Explorer, a set of 2 theory books for music beginners aged 4-7.


Further Development:

Piano Teachers who are keen to continue the full course can thereafter sign up with Forte Music Training Specialist Trainer, Ms. Dorothy Chia


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