Can I participate in both amateur and professional class?

No. Participants are not allowed to participate in both classes of the competition.

How do I select my repertoire?

Since they are different criteria and requirement for each category, please refer to the Class, Repertoire requirements & Entry Fee on the main page.

Can I change the repertoire after registration?

You are NOT allowed to change your repertoire once you have registered.

Will I be disqualified if I exceed the stipulated time limit?

The adjudicators will make the decisions on all matters.

How do I obtain information on the competition once I have registered?

All participants will have an account to log in to the competition system, where relevant information can be found.

How would I be informed of the competition results?

The competition results will announced through the competition system. All participants will receive an email when the result is out.

Will the organizer provide piano room for the participants to do rehearsal or practice?

To ensure the fairness of the competition, the organizer will NOT provide any room for rehearsal or practice.

Do I need to play from memory in the competition?

For the professional class all participants ARE required to play from memory. Participants from Amateur class are NOT required to play from memory but would be highly encouraged to do so. 

Are winners of the past Steinway Youth Piano Competitions allowed to participate in the competition this year?

Past first prize winners of the Steinway Youth Piano Competition are not allowed to participate in the same age category which they have achieved first prize. However, they are allowed to participate in a different age category.

Past Grand Prize winners are not allowed to participate in the competition. 

Do I need to submit the original copy of the score?

 YES. Contestant must submit one set of original copy of the repertoire for adjudicators’ reference and it will be returned after the competition. A photocopied version of the original copy is accepted, should the original copy of the score could not be obtained.

Can I withdraw myself from the competition?

In the event that you are unable to participate in the competition after registration, you may withdraw from the competition by contacting the organiser. However, do note that regstration fees are not refundable.

Competition Notes

  • The Professional class is only open to all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 17 and below.
  • The new Amateur Class is open to all nationalities.
  • Previous first prize winner of the competition are not allowed to participate in the same category in which they achieved first prize.
  • Adjudicators to announce if any of the participants are their students prior to the competition.
  • The registration fee is payable upon application ad is non-refundable.
  • All decisions of the Jury are final.
  • Rules & regulations, awards and judging panel are subject to change without prior notice

Contact Us

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