The BLACK DIAMOND in Model D-274 size and Macassar Ebony finish is limited to 8 units worldwide while 88 units in Model B-211 size are available in either Macassar Ebony or Black Ebony finish.

The BLACK DIAMOND, designed by award-winning designer Dakota Jackson and renowned concert pianist & Steinway Artist Lang Lang, comes equipped with Steinway’s latest revolutionary Spirio |R, the world’s finest high-resolution player piano and high-resolution recording function.

Every diamond is categorised according to four distinct properties; colour, carat, cut and clarity. Black Diamonds, with their extraordinary origins, are the rarest – and most prized. 


Lang Lang was named ”Messenger of Peace” by the United Nation is 2013 for his tireless advocacy of music education and has been a Steinway Artist since 2002. 

Lang Lang demonstrates capacious techniques, boundless energy, a constant work ethic, insatiable curiosity and devotion to charitable work. 

Lang Lang’s charisma, unique phrasing and bold interpretation is reflected in the Black Diamond Limited Edition. 


The piano’s weight – and the value of the Black Diamond investment; financial sustainability, a benchmark of music history, and passion encased. 


Lustrous metallic accents and sweeping lines give the Black Diamond Limited Edition an incandescent appearance. 

Shaped by interstellar inspiration 

The award-winning designer has a long-established relationship with Steinway & Sons. For Jackson, the mysterious aura surrounding black diamonds inspired the name and silhouette of this masterpiece, while reflecting Lang Lang’s truly other-worthy performances. 

Black Diamonds, Dakota Jackson reminds us, are believed to have extraterrestrial origins, the results of an exploding supernova. Jackson views the diamond’s brilliance and rarity as simpatico with the genius and spirit of virtuoso Steinway Artist Lang Lang, Jackson finds the Black Diamond Limited Edition’s pristine silhouette and sonorous tonality to ve the perfect match for an incomparable pianist who musically expresses the inexpressible. 


The finest materials, the highest production standards and the richest sound are required to craft the perfect instrument. 



Interview with Steinway Artist Lang Lang 

(Mandarin version) 




Interview with award-winning designer Dakota Jackson 
(English Version)

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