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“Designed by STEINWAY & SONS” and in cooperation with renowned furniture designer William Faber, STEINWAY & SONS has produced outstanding upright and grand pianos in various styles and veneers at reasonable prices. Through their elegant design and the various versions available, these instruments represent an enrichment of your home.

All ESSEX instruments combine the latest construction features and production requirements as determined by the research and development team at STEINWAY & SONS. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials in conjunction with ultra-modern manufacturing methods and carefully deployed, machine-based production, the instruments from Essex designed by STEINWAY & SONS” provide boundless musical pleasure with unprecedented cost-effectiveness.

Your acquisition of an ESSEX upright or grand piano represents an excellent investment, for which you will also receive professional support from Steinway-trained technicians. You can place your full confidence in this investment as STEINWAY stands behind it. It is for this reason that we also offer our Steinway Promise: should you trade in your ESSEX instrument for a new STEINWAY grand piano within 10 years, we will repay you the purchase price in full.


To optimise the sound quality of the grands from Essex designed by STEINWAY & SONS, they come featuring an expanded case. This STEINWAY & SONS Innovation results in the rear part of the case being able to be widened in order to create a larger, freely vibrating soundboard area. When you play a grand from ESSEX designed by STEINWAY & SONS you quickly gain the impression that you are playing a significantly larger instrument.



Ideal for lovers of the traditional piano design that forms the basis for all other styles. This classic Sheraton style was first introduced by Steinway & Sons in 1900 and has proven the test of time ever since.


Despite a length of 155 cm, this grand piano delivers outstanding sound performance thanks to the Steinway design.

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