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THE STEINWAY Crown Jewel Collection

A series of pianos produced with the Steiwnay expertise that uses a striking range of  extraordinary wood veneers.

Again and again, the experts from Steinway & Sons set off on the thrilling search for extraordinary veneers, ensuring that new models can be created in strictly limited editions. They open up precious natural treasures – occasionally a whole tree trunk is needed to create just one grand piano, which can never be repeated.

Instruments as unique as their owners

Those who can call a Steinway Crown Jewel their own possess a work of art that is utterly unique in the world. No single instrument is the same as another. Over and over, natural qualities within the woods gives rise to new veneer landscapes and colouration that never existed before and will never appear again. It’s because of this that every owner can enjoy a special gem that enriches the home in ways that go beyond the revered sound quality of a Steinway piano.

The Beauty of Nature

For the Steinway Crown Jewels, our expert have acquired some of the most beautiful, impressive and valuable woods found on earth. In the selection process, factors like the wood’s expression, grain and colouration were as important as adherence to international sustainability regulations.

The range of woods available for grand pianos includes Macassar Ebony, East Indian Rosewood, Bubinga and Amber Wood – each offering widely differentiating textures and colours for very individual looks. Mahogany Pommele and Indian Apple are also available to embellish the upright pianos with their unique power of expression.

The art is in the details

Paper-thin, extremely delicate veneer needs to be precisely pieced together. Experienced Steinway specialities are passionate about meeting this challenge, bringing to life breathtakingly beautiful instruments with a great love of detail and rare aesthetic skill. They pay special pieces of wood match up exactly, resulting in an almost perfectly symmetrical veneer landscape.

The Diamond – a symbol of power and exclusivity

From the very beginning of its creation, every Steinway piano is handled with the respect a masterpiece deserves. The challenge lies in realising the full potential of every individual instrument – the full potential of a Steinway. It’s the same with the precious veneers of the Steinway Crown Jewels. The high level of quality is underlined by a further, unmistakable feature; every key cover is set with a flawless certified diamond, expressing once again that Steinway Crown Jewel is something very special.


Exclusive pianos skilfully crafted from some of the finest woods available - the Steinway Crown Jewel Collection opens up a world of inspiring possibilities.

If you are looking for something singular and distinctive, we would like to welcome you in the world of exotic veneers and discover Padouk, Black Limba, Poison Wood or Golden Madruna – veneers which are as unique as the instrument and so rare that you should not wait any longer.


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