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Country of Origin

Olive is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the Old World. Since the cultivation already began in prehistoric times, it is no longer possible to reconstruct the boundaries of the natural range. In principle, however, the Mediterranean region can be considered as the natural range.


Extent of Occurence

Throughout the Mediterranean region. Olive trees are usually crooked and gnarled. In the south they can be up to 20 m high, while in the north they are smaller. Since the main usage of olive is oil production, the value of timber production is subordinate and completely insignificant, thus there are rarely olive trees with effective length greater than 1m.


The fundamentally yellowish wood is highly decorative and creates beautiful effects in great expanse as the surface is irregularly striped with fine dark veins. However, frequent cracking makes the processing enormously more difficult.



Measures & Weight


Length: 180cm (5’10”)

Width: 146.5cm (57(5/8)”)

Weight: Approx 280KG


Fitted with our STEINWAY latest innovation, a high-resolution re-performing system that provides unrivaled musical experience, indistinguishable from a live performance Steinway SPIRIO brings your piano to life with the world’s greatest music, independent of the listener’s playing ability.



Exclusive pianos skilfully crafted from some of the finest woods available - the Steinway Crown Jewel Collection opens up a world of inspiring possibilities.

If you are looking for something singular and distinctive, we would like to welcome you in the world of exotic veneers and discover Padouk, Black Limba, Poison Wood or Golden Madruna – veneers which are as unique as the instrument and so rare that you should not wait any longer.


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