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This upright piano does its great name justice in terms of sound quality, form, longevity and lasting value, and will ensure that your entrance to the world of STEINWAY & SONS is a success. You will be enraptured by the STEINWAY V-125 upright piano, joining countless beginning and advanced musicians around the world in whose homes and teaching institutions this model can be found.

‘I love how the Steinway responds to a variety of attacks from the supple caress to the rambunctious pound. Steinway’s flexibility keeps me stretching my boundaries further and further.’



Product information



  • Height: 125 cm
  • Width: 152.5 cm
  • Weight: 267 kg
  • Depth: 67.5 cm

Tonal quality, responsiveness of touch and stability of performance make this upright piano the ideal introduction to a musical life with a Steinway.