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For more than one and a half centuries each handmade Steinway instrument has increased in value. Steinway pianos have been established a history of legendary financial appreciation over the course of 165 years. Owning a Steinway is a rare opportunity to invest.

A 50-year-old Steinway commands a price more than nine times its original cost. The best time to invest in a Steinway grand or upright piano is now.

With the internet, buyers are able to research and download price charts on goods that they wish to purchase. The luxury brand, pricing strategy hinges not just to find the right balance between exclusivity and availability but to also provide consistency across various countries.

With Luxury brands now responding to millennial customers with the impact of technology, it is always important to trust in the relationship when it comes to price matters that meaning ‘’transparency”.


This section summarizes the prices from 4 countries (Singapore, Germany, United Kingdom & China) on Steinway Piano prices. For the purpose of comparing through the 4 countries price data, the foreign currency prices are converted to Singapore Dollars (SGD) using the Google currency converter for the month of April 2018.


Price Report Promotion till 31st September 2018 


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