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When a child sits down at the piano all other concerns fall away, allowing the pleasure of making music to take over. intrigued by the instrument, challenged by the task, and absorbed by the rhythm, a child will play their favorite pieces over and over, At any age, the joys of learning to play are the same: feeling pride in performing even the smallest feats of coordination, experiencing the emotion music, and discovering one’s own individual personality. These rewards never fade, They only continue to grow through a lifetime enriched by music. 

You’ve always wanted to learn piano but never really wanted to commit to hours of practice every day or maybe your child has expressed an interest, or you’ve encouraged them to start lessons because you think it will be beneficial for when they get older. However, you may worry that your child will lose interest and no longer want to play. Or, it’s possible you only need a piano temporarily for a one-off occasion.
All these reasons are enough to keep you from investing a lot of money on a piano, and they’re great reasons for considering piano rental.


At Steinway Gallery Singapore, we provide rental programme called ” I love to rent” where you be able to rent a new Steinway-designed Essex Upright 108C Continental Studio piano, it incorporates the latest design specifications and engineering standards from Steinway & Sons. 

Why should you rent an Essex designed Steinway & Sons piano? 

  • It is the perfect piano for a beginner 
  • Your children will enjoy practicing on it 
  • To have the option to try the piano before committing to a purchase
  • The rental cost can be used to offset the purchase price 
  • This is the best rental piano in the market


Essex UP-108C 

The continental styling of this upright piano is at home in any decor. 
The contemporary design offers a distinctive and stylish elegance at an affordable price. 

Measure and Weight 

Height:  42 ½” (108 cm)
Width:  57 ¾” (147 cm)
Depth:  21 ½” (55 cm)
Net weight:  460 lb (209 kg)



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