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Steinway Gallery Singapore proudly presents three MVs that spotlight the top three most-voted pianists of the Steinway IG Stars voting contest; an online voting contest that was held as part of the 5th Steinway Youth Piano Competition: Playing from Home Edition.

Cheah Yuqi aged 6, Iden Lim Tze Kai aged 12 and Sophie Keong Zhi Ling aged 9, who have emerged from almost 30,000 votes from the members of the public won themselves an opportunity to be starred in MV specially produced by Steinway Gallery Singapore!

These MVs, based on original stories written by Kamini Ramachandran, Creative Producer of StoryFest, will help young piano learners identify their passion by putting creative visuals to classical music pieces.


Catch the reaction of the 3 young Steinway IG Stars with their parents and teachers while watching the MVs. The premiere will be made available till the end of this year.


“The Toy at Night” features a classical piece composed by Vitalij Neugasimov: Lazy Bear from Piano Sketchers Book 1, performed by Cheah Yuqi.

Waking up in the middle of the night, little Yuqi wants to play with her best friend, only to find her favourite stuffed bear is missing! Without the bear’s comfort and company, Yuqi heads to the piano room to play the songs that brings the bear to life.

“Kitchen Capers” features a classical piece composed by W.A. Mozart: Sonata No.9 in D Major, K311, (I: Allegro con spirito), performed by Iden Lim Tze Kai.

It is Mother’s Day and Iden has forgotten to prepare a present! With the clock ticking against him before his mother’s impending arrival home, Iden scrambles to prepare a last-minute gift for his mother. Can he manage to prepare a gift on time?

“The Pianist & The Dancer” features aclassical piece composed by Ernesto Lecuona: Malagueña from the Spanish Suite (Andalucia), performed by Sophie Keong Zhi Ling.

The Pianist and The Dancer tells the tale of two best friends who are meeting up to practice for an upcoming recital. On the day of their proposed meeting, the Dancer Girl is running late. While rushing to meet Pianist Girl, she slips on a banana peel and twists her ankle. With Pianist Girl’s patience growing thin, will Dancer Girl be able to overcome her injury and meet Pianist Girl?

What is the Steinway IG Stars?

The Steinway IG Stars is an online public voting contest that was held in conjunction with the 5th Steinway Youth Piano Competition: Playing From Home Edition Livestream Competition! It is a platform for young aspiring pianists to showcase their creativity, personality and uniqueness aside from the competition!

When did the contest ran?

On 3rd Feburary 2020, we ran our Steinway IG Stars online voting contest. The contest ran from 3rd Feburary 2020 till 1st June 2020.

What is the prize for winning the contest?

The top 3 most voted pianists get to win a music video produced by Steinway Gallery Singapore. The pianists will get to have a high quality audio file recorded at our practice studio and the final music video file shot at the gallery!

How can I be eligbile for the contest?

It’s simple! All you have to do is to take part in the 5th Steinway Youth Piano Competition!

“Remember, creativity and uniquesness help you stand out! So get creative!”

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