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19th July 2023, SINGAPORE – Throughout the world, one would almost always find a piano in a beautiful dream home. The epitome of refinement and luxury, some homeowners display the piano for its aesthetic value, while others as an expression for their appreciation and love for fine art and culture. Whatever the reason, whether intended to be played or not, there is no denying the elegance, grandeur and sophistication a piano can bring to a space, nor the warmth and soulfulness the sounds can bring to a dwelling place. For over 170 years, Steinway has been handcrafting some of the world’s finest pianos, played by the best and most renowned pianists the likes of Lang Lang, Diana Krall and Billy Joel, to legendary Steinway Immortals such as Cole Porter, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Arthur Rubinstein.

Photo courtesy of Steinway & Sons

Steinway’s Crown Jewels in particular, commands attention and provides visual interest with its exotic, rare wood veneers and stately presence. Each Crown Jewel piano is exceptionally crafted using only the finest materials and exotic veneers such as Pyramid Mahogany, Jatoba, Olivesche or White Ebony. These veneers are meticulously sourced from far flung places. Such veneers are impeccably sourced from one-of-a-kind trees where sometimes, a whole trunk would be needed to create just one grand piano. Naturally, this process cannot be replicated due to the rarity of such a valuable material, resulting in a limited number of unique pieces of Crown Jewels produced.

From its highly customisable designs to the one-of-a-kind, exotic veneers, impeccable, masterful craftsmanship and beautiful forms, architects, interior designers and homeowners have long used Steinway pianos to not only complement the décor, colours and textures used in a living space, but also create centrepieces of homes to brings sophistication and class to the interiors. According to interior designer to the stars and proud owner of a Steinway piano herself, LM Pagano, who counts celebrities like Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage as her clients, a piano is what makes a house a home. To her, a piano suggests warmth, culture, history and party, and brings a presence into a home that is not provided by any other piece of furniture.

In addition, the piano’s musical capabilities add to the beauty of a home, creating an atmosphere of calm and tranquillity. The serene notes produced by the piano can be enjoyed by both the player and the listener, making it a great conversation starter for guests. Whether you are playing a classical sonata or a contemporary pop song, the piano adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Not just aesthetically-pleasing and beyond the apparent investment value, Steinway pianos are works-of-art and exceptionally engineered to create a ‘warmer’, longer-sustaining tone acoustically, giving the player greater dynamic range. The tone is distinctive and markedly different from any other pianos which tend to be ‘brighter’ in sound.

“It’s really magical, that Steinway sound. That sound is like nothing else in the world,” says successful American fashion designer Josie Natori, who played with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra at age nine and currently owns three Steinway pianos.
On how the Steinway pianos have juxtaposed in her Manhattan home and apartment in Paris, Natori adds, “From a design point of view, it just gives life to a room — whether you play the piano or you don’t.”

Since 2015, Steinway has incorporated the state-of-the-art Steinway SPIRIO technology in many models of their pianos. Steinway SPIRIO is the world’s finest high-resolution player capable of live performance capture, and is a testament to Steinway’s commitment toward artistry, craftsmanship, and technology. Akin to the megapixel revolution of a digital camera, Steinway SPIRIO offers high-resolution recording that accurately captures every nuance of the player, from the infinite gradations of hammer velocity and pressure to the resonances of pedalling. This technology provides an effortless playback experience and easy-to-use recording and editing suite. In addition, there are thousands of performances from Steinway artists, where owners can sync and ‘play’ the performances on their instruments.

To assist with the planning and integration of a piano in the residence, Steinway provides consultation with homeowners and designers, advising on spatial usage with piano floor templates and acoustic treatments of the abode, plus a 3D rendering service where clients can upload their floor plans, choose the style of their homes, and receive their renders in days. Often overlooked by homeowners, sound reflection, resonance and reverberation can significantly – and negatively – affect the atmosphere. Working closely with architects and interior designers, Steinway will often suggest a host of solutions – from the installation of acoustic panels and ceiling clouds to incorporating diffuser panels – without compromising the design and aesthetics of the space.

Without a doubt, the timeless design of a Steinway piano makes it a versatile piece that can blend in with various interior designs, from traditional to modern, and more importantly, accentuate with the lifestyle of the owner.

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Meet Two Interior Designers Who Believe In Incorporating Pianos Into Home Designs

Peter Tay, Interior Designer of Peter Tay Studio

Peter Tay, renowned interior designer of Peter Tay Studio is the Singapore-based celebrity interior designer to stars such as Zhang Ziyi, Wang Leehom, Stephanie Sun, and Zoe Tay. His portfolio comprises high-profiled residential and commercial projects and he has worked on boutiques and showrooms for luxury brands including Richard Mille, Manolo Blahnik, Armani Casa and many others. With a sleek and luxurious approach to design, his works are both contemporary and timeless, embodying the essence of space to enhance the lifestyles of his clients. Peter is also an expert in the art of tailoring timeless beauty through materials and textures, guiding design invention while exploring the duality and interchangeability between architecture and interiors.

After earning his degree from the Architectural Association in London in 2000, Peter honed his craft working alongside top contemporary architects before launching his own practice in 2001. In addition to his design work, Peter is a passionate educator who has lectured at various design institutions for over 12 years. He also published a monograph in 2013, which was introduced to audiences in Kyoto, Hong Kong, and Singapore in the same year.

Peter Tay’s work was showcased at the “Time-Space-Existence” exhibition at Palazzo Bembo during the Venice Biennale in Italy in 2014, supported by XTRA Designs and the Design Singapore Council. In the same year, he was honoured with the ‘Designer of the Year’ award at the President’s Design Awards.

“I love the idea of merging aesthetics and sounds to create a sensorial ambience in a home,” explains Tay, “And Steinway’s elegant, imposing pianos can complete the overall atmosphere and change the mood with its simple presence.

Isabelle Miaja, Creative Director of Miaja Design Group Pte Ltd

Isabelle Miaja, the Creative Director of Singapore based Miaja Design Group Pte Ltd, an international design firm that has established a reputation for its distinctive and unique designs that produce contemporary yet warm and stylish environments, is often amazed by how versatile a piano can be in one’s home.
“It’s quite remarkable how a piano can soften or elevate a room, depending on the interior design, and the proportions and finishes of the piano,” mused Miaja. “For example, the rich, reddish brown of the jatoba veneer in Steinway’s Crown Jewels collection can add a sumptuous warmth to the space, while the white ebony Crown Jewel, with its figured sycamore wood, brings a pleasant harmony to a contemporary home.
Miaja began her career as an interior designer in the US, creating designs for homes in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and park avenue New York, Later extending her savoir faire to hotels. Miaja’s work has led to her being chosen as one of the worlds most influential designers with her portfolio featuring award-winning city hotels and resorts, some of which she personally designed the architecture for.
Her design style seamlessly blends culture, art, and storytelling to create immersive experiences that capture the essence of the location. Her passion for all things beautiful and meaningful is evident throughout her work, as she strives to create designs that are deeply rooted in the fabric of each project’s unique surroundings.